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05/30/05-New Blog available on Custom Page

05/20/05-I officially won the TouchDS.com contest!!!

05/10/05-New Blog available on Custom Page

05/10/05-Green Day Wallpaper on Photo's Page 3!!!

04/15/05-New wallpapers available on Photo's Page 2 and 3!!!!

04/12/05-New blog available on the custom page.

04/11/05-New art available in Photo's Page 2!!!!

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Hi, i'm Tony the founder of WildCardProductions.8m.com, this is a site purley to display my ventures into the many different arts (drawing, photomaniping, animation, and film). I hope you enjoy your visit at WildCardProductions.8m.com.


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TouchDS.com's Create-A-Game Contest

The TouchDS.com contest is officially over and guess what!!! I won.